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browneyedmami [userpic]
Banner for landofthekwt
by browneyedmami (lapis_paladin)
at July 7th, 2009 (07:59 am)

Here is your banner for prompt 24. It was made by the lovely shadowsvixen. Thank you so much for your continuous efforts in this community.

browneyedmami [userpic]
Prompt 24 Closed/Community Closed
by browneyedmami (lapis_paladin)
at July 7th, 2009 (12:28 am)

Alrighty, well, we only had one entry, by our ever faithful member landofthekwt. A banner will certainly be made for his efforts.

As previously stated by priestess_skye, this community is now closed. After the banner is posted, no more entries shall be made. The community will remain open as more or less an archive for those who would like to read.

Thank you all so much for staying with us, and thank you priestess_skye and vexatively for allowing me to be here and to help.

Priestess Skye [userpic]
by Priestess Skye (priestess_skye)
at July 6th, 2009 (07:25 pm)

 Hey guys,

After this month prompt closes, we're going to end the contests on this community. It has been slowing down for months now and really, with the recent spring of IY coms and the lack of participation in many of them, it's just time. I am not disabling the community simply because there are a lot of stories worth reading on here and I think everybody should have access to them. We just won't offer up any new prompts. 

Thank you to everybody who made this site such a success...the members, lapis_paladin  for stepping up, vexatively  and nikkikiraga . 

Browneyedmami will do the final contest winner announcement tonight and that'll be it. 

again, thank you to everybody for your stories and your efforts in making this such a great writing community!

browneyedmami [userpic]
Just a Reminder
by browneyedmami (lapis_paladin)
at July 5th, 2009 (01:53 pm)

Last call for prompt 24! Your fics are due by tomorrow evening by 11:59pm EST. We have one amazing entry, but are hoping for a few more by the deadline! Prompt details can be found HERE.

landofthekwt [userpic]
Week 24
by landofthekwt (landofthekwt)
at July 3rd, 2009 (11:04 pm)
current location: Kaede's hut
current mood: secretive
current song: I Want to Hold Your Hand by the Beatles

Title: Hand in Hand
Author: landofthekwt
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Can’t take it in by kriscynical (Inuyasha Captions Week 24) 
Word Count: 1248
Pairing: Inuyasha/ Kagome
Warning: None
Summary: Inuyasha and Kagome survive in Kaede’s village after her return.

Read more...Collapse )

browneyedmami [userpic]
Promotion - MirSanAwards open for business tomorrow!
by browneyedmami (lapis_paladin)
at June 30th, 2009 (11:01 am)

Tomorrow mirsanawards will be opening it's doors for nominations for our first term!

Nominations will run from July 1st - July 14th. Voting will run July 18th - July 31st, and the winners will be announced on August 1st.

Rules for nominations can be found HERE.

If you are looking for fic/art that is Mir/San, check out mirsanficart , mirsan_fics, Deviant Art, and FF.net.

browneyedmami [userpic]
by browneyedmami (lapis_paladin)
at June 15th, 2009 (07:52 pm)

Your fics for Prompt 24 are due in just a little over 2 weeks time, and as of yet we have no entries.

The prompt can be found HERE

Roll those entries on in :)

browneyedmami [userpic]
Prompt 24
by browneyedmami (lapis_paladin)
at June 5th, 2009 (12:27 pm)

Alrighty, as of late it's been pretty quiet, but I am hoping now that we've gone monthly and the recent wank has calmed down that we will receive more participation.

The last prompt only received one entry, therefore it is closed, and that person will recieve a banner.

I will be organizing the tags for the community soon, and hope that will make things easier and smoother.

Anywho....without further ado, I give you your new prompt:

This piece was made by kriscynical who has previously given permission in THIS post.

The page containing her notes and a larger image can be found HERE

Word Count is a oneshot, and this will be due one month from now on July 5th at 11:59pm EST.

Lastly if you have any comments, concerns, suggestions, please do let me know. I'm hoping to see some awesome entries this month!

browneyedmami [userpic]
Week 23 Reminder
by browneyedmami (lapis_paladin)
at May 28th, 2009 (08:30 am)

Just a quick reminder that your entries for week 23 are due here in a few days time on the 31st, so please lets gets some more entries in!

The prompt can be found HERE

browneyedmami [userpic]
Week 23 Extened/Going Monthly
by browneyedmami (lapis_paladin)
at May 20th, 2009 (11:52 am)

Week 23 is now extended until the end of this month on May 31st at 11:59pm EST.

I normally wouldn't do a second extension, but after much thought and deliberation and priestess_skye 's blessing, going monthly seems to be the way to go, at least for now.

You may have seen several of the other comms I run going monthly as well. This is because the fandom as a whole has kind of slowed down. Several people I have spoken with agree that going monthly is a good way to go. If participation picks back up and things run a bit more smoothly, I will put this comm back on a bi-weekly basis.

The new prompt will go up on the 1st, and that is how the contests will run. So for now, lets see if we can't get at least a few more entries in for week 23 eh?

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